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City Manager Letter

AC Gonzalez_interim city manager
Dear Residents:

Dallas is the ninth-largest city and part of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation. Our city is vibrant and diverse, sophisticated and fun, and a center for art, fashion and sports. As a result, we are the number one visitor and leisure destination in Texas.

Many FY 2013 City of Dallas initiatives are having a positive effect on the quality of life of residents and visitors. In the 2013 Community Survey, 73% of respondents rated overall quality of life in Dallas as excellent or good. We are setting the standard for service compared to other large cities and continue to maintain high overall satisfaction ratings.

When national headlines include news of municipal bankruptcies and financial hardship, Dallas has carefully navigated through this difficult period. The Texas economy continues to expand and Dallas continues to experience measured economic growth.

Our unemployment rate of 6.3% is below the national average (7.6%) and existing home sales and housing starts are increasing. Although this growth is expected to continue, we remain cautious, realizing that a world event could slow expansion during the next 12 months.

Property tax revenue, the single largest revenue source, accounts for 43% of General Fund revenue. After three years of significant decline, FY 2013-14 marks the second consecutive year of growth with values increasing 4.27% which amounts to $28.5M additional revenue.

Council, staff and community partnerships have enabled us to leverage resources; reducing the negative impact of cuts while heightening the impact of investment in public safety, economic development and infrastructure. Dallas has worked hard to strengthen safety, restore services and grow business.

The City will continue to focus on these Key Focus Areas (KFA’s) that reflect the City’s established priorities:

• Public Safety
• Economic Vibrancy
• Clean, Healthy Environment
• Culture, Arts and Recreation
• Educational Enhancements
• E3 Government

Coming new technology will make it easier for citizens to access services, and new communication tools will help us better engage and inform the public. We will continue to simplify processes and promote an environment of enthusiasm. Here are a few of the exciting projects underway with more to come during the next fiscal year:

• The Love Field Modernization Project is on schedule and on budget. It will be completed upon full repeal of the Wright Amendment in fall 2014.
• The renovation of 2014 Main Street is nearly complete and will significantly upgrade judicial operations. We also welcome the planned addition of the UNT Dallas College of Law.
• Downtown continues to attract urban residents with an estimated 40,000 people now living in the expanded downtown areas.
• The Farmers Market, now operated privately, will soon be enhanced by retail and residential development.
• Construction of new retail development at the Dallas Omni Convention Center Hotel will begin during the next fiscal year. Both projects will strengthen economic development in the southern part of the Central Business District.
• The Continental Avenue Bridge will be transformed into a unique outdoor space.
• The Great Trinity River Gateway and Horse Trails, and the Pavilion and Amphitheater Entryway on 8th Street connecting Moore Park and the Santa Fe Trestle Trail will soon be joined by the Texas Horse Park, the Trinity Forest Golf Course and additional bike trails in the Trinity floodway. The course will host The PGA Byron Nelson Golf Championship as well as First Tee of Dallas junior golf program and the Southern Methodist University golf program.
• In 2014, construction of the new Sylvan Avenue Bridge will be completed, the upgraded Baker Pump Station will go on-line, and work will begin on the Able Pump Station; all projects addressing flood control.
We have enriched the cultural offerings to our citizens through some of the most successful public/private partnerships in the world.

And through it all, we have remained fiscally conservative, operationally responsible and consistently responsive to the needs of our community. We will continue to strengthen our safety programs, restore community services and grow our economy.

I would like to thank our residents, business partners and visitors for believing in Dallas. I would also like to thank the 13,000 dedicated City employees who work tirelessly to serve the citizens of Dallas. And to the Mayor, City Council a special thanks for your leadership and for dedicating yourselves to making Dallas the City that others follow.


A.C. Gonzalez
Interim City Manager

Executive Leadership Team

Under the Office of the City Manager, the Executive Leadership Team assists the City Manager with implementing policies and directives outlined by City Council throughout the various City departments and offices.

The City Manager’s office also is charged with recommending, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures that maintain the financial well-being of City government.

The Office of the City Manager serves as the focal point for the executive leadership and direction of the city organization. The office works closely with the Mayor and City Council to ensure that City programs and operations reflect policy goals and objectives established by the City Council.

A.C. Gonzalez

Interim City Manager

Ryan S. Evans

Interim 1st Assistant City Manager

Jill A. Jordan P.E.

Assistant City Manager

Forest Turner

Assistant City Manager

Joey Zapata

Assistant City Manager

Chief Charles Cato

Interim Assistant City Manager

Theresa O’Donnell

Interim Assistant City Manager

Jeanne Chipperfield

Chief Financial Officer

City Employees

The City of Dallas has 13,021 permanent full-time and part-time employees as of September, 2013.

Workforce Ethnic Makeup

African American  33.5%
Asian  2.2%
Hispanic  24.9%
Native American  0.9%
Non-Minority  37.9%
Not Disclosed  0.7%


African American: 28.2%
Asian: 4.0%
Hispanic: 20.1%
Native American: 1.3%
Non-Minority: 46.2%
Not Disclosed: 0.0%


Average Employee Salary

Civilian: $44,693.75

City University

During fiscal year 2011-12, City University hosted classes for 3,294 employees. These classes included Customer Service, Management and Fundamentals of Supervision.

Professional development courses were provided to engineers, architects, and other design and construction employees through a partnership with Freese and Nichols Inc. and other private sector firms. These classes helped ensure that capital improvement projects were designed, built and in service within budget and on schedule. The professional development hours through this program apply toward staff license renewal requirements.

FY 2013 City University Participation

Customer Service Level I (Through New Employee Orientation) 1,632
Customer Service Level II  265
Customer Service Level III  301
Customer Service Level III for Managers  59
Customer Service Video Training for City Employees  7
The Fundamentals of Supervision (2-day training)   157
Piloting the Flight – Leading People  24
Piloting the Flight – Driving for Results  24
Piloting the Flight – Building Coalitions  27
Piloting the Flight – Leading Change  23
Piloting the Flight – Business Acumen  21
Engineering Professional Development (24 classes)*  754
TOTAL 3,294

A new ethics training course, Choosing the Ethical Path, was also implemented.  To date, more than 10,000 employees have participated.

Charitable Campaign

City of Dallas employees committed to serving the community by giving generously to local nonprofit organizations through the annual Dallas Charitable Campaign. Employees gave a total of $86,037 to the 2013 Campaign.